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From chilling on a Paddleboard to speeding on a Seabob, Mallorca has it all


We are delighted to offer a range of water toys that you can add onto your holiday, each adding a new level of excitement for kids and adults alike. Whether you want to rent a Seabob in Mallorca or hire a jellyfish protection pool for your Ibiza yachting escape, we’ve got you covered.


Please bear in mind that each toy currently has a minimum rental period of two days, meaning they are not possible to hire for day excursions. We will require a deposit covering the weekly price of the toy, some of which you will then be refunded upon its return in the same condition. How much you are refunded will be calculated by how many days you use your water toy for, and we will always ensure all costs are completely transparent and that you are happy with them before booking. Discover our toys below…

Seabob underwater scooter – F5 S

Reaching 20km on the water and 15km under it, and featuring 6 power levels for enhanced control, this Seabob underwater scooter is an exhilarating addition to any vacation. The ultimate high-performance watercraft for exploring the seas, you can rent this Seabob in Mallorca for 250€ per day, paying just 20€ for delivery.

Jellyfish protection pool

Enjoy a safe space to swim and relax everywhere you go. This jellyfish protection pool will give you peace of mind from only 150€ per day or 400€ for the week, plus 20€ delivery fee.

Jetski Sea-Doo SPARK

Promising endless fun on the water, the Sea-Doo SPARK seats 3 and is powered by a lightweight yet efficient 90hp engine. Enjoy it for 400€ a day or 1,700€ for a week. 

Sea-Doo Seascooter RS1

Speed from your yacht to your next destination, be that an intriguing cave or secluded bay, on the Sea-Doo Seascooter RS1. This ultra-lightweight toy has a multihull design that creates neutral buoyancy at any depth. It can also accommodate various accessories, such as cameras, bags, weights and batteries. Rent it for a day at 150€, or for a week at 400€.

Sea-Doo Seascooter GTI

One of the most reliable and easy-to-use water scooters in the Sea-Doo range, the GTI model weighs only 8.3kg and is suitable for waters up to 30m deep. Hire from 100€ for a day or 300€ for the week.

Mistral Santa Anna SUP

The Mistral Santa Anna SUP board is designed with versatility and stability in mind, with eye-catching graphics that will propel your adventure. Rent it for 100€ for a day or 300€ for the week.

Mistral Santa Anna WindSUP

The windSUP Santa Anna has been designed to be as practical as possible for both SUP and WindSUP. With retro colours, grab handles all round and front and rear cargo nets, rent the Santa Anna WindSUP for 200€ per day or 600€ per week.

Diving experience

We also offer a special scuba diving experience for up to 3 divers. No scuba licence is required, and we will take you up to 6m deep with no added weight. Get in contact for more information – the price will be tailored to your needs.

Phone: +34 660 00 49 43
Port Calanova, Avinguda de Joan Miró, 327
07015, Palma de Mallorca, Spain